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Our Specialists


Russell Kaplan



Luke Crossly

After completing his studies in xxx, Luke began his career as a xxx.

He gained valuable experience in xxx and joined RKA in xxx.

Home and décor

Taryn Mc Farlane

Taryn has xxx years’ experience in xxx and joined RKA in xxx as xxx.

With a degree in xxx and background in xxx, she xxx.


Alexander Horsler

Alexander completed his xxx at xxx in xxx.  He joined RKA as a xxx in xxx.


He has a particular passion for xxx and is qualified to address any queries relating to xxx.

Furniture, lamps and carpets

Karen Curry

Karen studied xxx at xxx before beginning her career in xxx.

Karen has a passion for xxx and has xxx years of experience in xxx.

Jewellery and pens

Nicolette Crossly

Having studied a xxx degree, Nicolette began her career xxx.

With over xxx years’ experience, Nicolette has worked in xxx.

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