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Sell at Auction

Do you own unique furniture, antiques or artworks you would like to sell? Allow RKA to showcase your treasures to a discerning, international market. Collaborate with us – contact us for an obligation-free valuation.


How can I get my item valued?

Contact us to discuss the details of the pieces you would like to consign. We will provide estimates and other information pertaining to our auctions.


What are auction estimates and reserves?

RKA will propose a low and high estimate range for each artwork. These are based on precedent and previous sale amounts for comparable works. The estimates will be published in the auction catalogue for display to potential buyers.

We will also agree upon a reserve price – the minimum amount for which we are permitted to sell a consigned lot – for each item. This amount, which is not published, must be equal to or lower than the low estimate and cannot be higher than the low estimate.


How do I consign my items?

Once we have agreed on a reserve and estimate prices, your pieces must be delivered to us.

We will catalogue, research and photograph your pieces in order to market them appropriately to prospective buyers worldwide.

Consignments for auctions close xxx before the auction date.


What does it cost to sell my items?

We charge xxx for our services. This cost is calculated on the price attained on each item at auction and includes xxx.

Where applicable, we may also charge for specific expenses relating to consigned items including xxx. These will be discussed with you at the time of consignment.

The full amount due to a seller is the price of the item obtained on auction less xxx.


How do I deliver my items to RKA before the auction?
Once your consignment has been agreed to by RKA, you will need to get your pieces to our offices in Johannesburg. We can assist you with this or you may use your own shipper.


What happens after the auction?

We will notify you of the price that your pieces achieved at auction and confirm the net proceeds of sale. The proceeds will be paid into your account approximately 30 days after the auction.

If your items do not sell on auction, we will contact you to discuss your options.

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